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Our Future

Good life has become a staple brand in the Vapor community. We have worked tirelessly for harm reduction for 10 years. We gained more than 50 thousand loyal customers all over the world. On Monday, we received a visit from Agent Reginald Perry with the Georgia Department of Revenue. Agent Perry made us aware of a particular wholesale vape license recently added to the state legislature that we were out of compliance on. We were then told that because we distributed our products to even our own store from our own warehouse that we would require this license to move forward or we would have to face possible imprisonment. We complied with the agency’s request and closed our operations at our laboratory and warehouse along with our sales and marketing departments.

We tried for two days to obtain these licenses and were met with red tape and hurdles that were financially devastating to the company. Our network of customers is vast but meeting the demand, especially post pandemic and suffering the loss of two shops, is very expensive for an operation our size. We could not financially move forward with the manufacturing and warehouse facilities and unfortunately some amazing people lost some great blossoming jobs.

With all of this said, I am deciding to rethink traditional business concepts and move forward with what we are good at. Taking care of people one by one right there in our store and hopefully sooner rather than later, other stores. In addition, I would like to rethink the concept of building a team. I have others in my operation that are not only important to the infrastructure of this new direction, but these are people that share the exact same respect for my business and outlook on life. To preserve and protect.

We believe in helping others all at all costs and we will continue to do that. It is simply our purpose in life. We are here to do no harm and change the minds of those that need us even when they think they don’t. My heart has lead this business, but now, it’s time to use my gut. Myself and my partners have teamed up with an outside manufacturer that is licensed and ready. The ironic thing is this man is not only an Albany native… he’s a true humanitarian that shares the same outlook on helping others. Mister Steven Bradford formally of Bio Buzz on Slappey Boulevard and the current owner of Da Gallery in Auburn, Alabama. We have been working together for nearly 10 years. He is making waves in this industry and he is ready to take on the task of Good Life!

We may have a couple of bumps in the road and the occasional out of stock but remember we are rebuilding slowly but surely, but we need your help. We need our customers to spread the word about our flagship location at 118 Philema Road in Albany. Especially those struggling with any sort of pain or sleep. We have transformed the store into the ultimate harm reduction store with legal vape, CBD, THC and Kratom products. All products are lab tested by third parties and manufactured by hand with love by experts in 100% legally licensed facilities. We only carry products from brands that we trust and also some of our newly manufactured products from our new manufacturing partners.

So after the years and years of dealing with the political side of the vape industry and getting constantly beat down in the process with overreach and over regulations, we are excited to move forward and grow our brand bigger than ever. With my team, and no outside influences or sways. I am fully confident that we will not only stay as good as ever locally, but grow even bigger regionally, not only in physical brick and mortar stores, but in online digital platforms. Anything that we find and feel that you can benefit and help people live a better life. We are currently analyzing the legalities of online sales for the products we will carry in our stores as well as the legalities of shipment services. The internet is not a kind place for alternative goods. So I hope my customers will stay with me one last time so I can make sure we are operating 100% within the law. If we can, we will, and if we can’t, we can’t.

I am overwhelmed with the support from our precious Vapor and alternative community. They are all amazing human beings and you have shown me to not pay attention to the rude, crude, greedy, political, childish games and do what my beautiful mother taught me to do. Suck it up and go kick some ass. Love you mom! Here’s to Good Life, we aren’t even close to done.

To the community, if you need amazing employees, reach out to me immediately! Just please understand that at Good Life Vapor we always strived to pay our people a living wage. I would hope you would come to people with this level of skill and talent prepared because they deserve top dollar. As for who’s left. We have a vision and we are a team. We are good life! We will see you soon! Check us out online on TikTok (@jdollar229) and YouTube (Good Life Vapor) to follow our story! Thank you for your support and love!

South Georgia's first ever legal hemp dispensary! We are the best store for all things alternative wellness and vapor. No one comes close to our selection and quality. We are known mostly for our award winning e-liquid but in the past two years we have become your number one source for the absolute best products in the world of legal hemp goods. We sell Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, Delta 10 THC, THCv, THC-O, THC-P, HHC, CBD, CBN and CBG products from all corners of the country. We have a huge selection of Kratom products. We have the best names in the vapor industry in our store.

On top of having a huge selection of the best alternative products on the market, we have very knowledgable experts on staff every day to provide you with the most accurate information that will help you on your journey of living a good life. They will assist you throughout your entire visit. No question is a bad question and we pride ourselves on amazing customer service.

Come in to our flagship location for a one of a kind experience! We look forward to seeing you! Make a good choice for a good life!

The Good Life Store
118 Philema Road Suite F
Albany, GA 31701